Copyediting Testimonials

A note about the Summer Writing Boot Camp at Eastern Florida State College's Melbourne Writing Center:

"Thank you both very much for the writing workshops this week in the Melbourne Writing Center of Eastern Florida State College. I have heard nothing but positive comments all week about your writing seminars. Your positive demeanor and conversational presentation style allow the audience to be set at ease, which further allows participants to absorb your wealth of knowledge shared during these sessions. People I talked to felt a connection to you, which prompted their willingness to share their own ideas and ask a range of questions."

--Sharon Cronk-Raby

English Instructor and Melbourne Writing Center Coordinator

"I recently attended a two-part seminar at the Orange County Central Library entitled Revise & Submit. We went over the infamous Query Letter and the endless writer’s pursuit for an agent. Both topics were more than intimidating but I have to say that the presenters made the topic not only enjoyable, but also easily understandable. Jaimie Engle and Christine Edwards were able to answer questions and provide anecdotal information regarding the query process.  Not only that, but the internet sites we were ‘turned’ on to made things seem much simpler and took a definite weight off my shoulders.  As someone who has been writing for over 13 years and who finally self-published two years ago it was like a door opened that I didn’t know was closed. I have finally submitted my first query letter. I am more active on twitter and privy to hash-tags I didn’t know were there.  I would definitely attend another seminar presented by them and welcome the opportunity to do so.  My suggestion? You all should do the same."

--L.E. Perez

"I hired Christine to copy edit my client's manuscripts and to clean up the mechanical errors. I was having a hard time paying attention to the stories because I was so caught up in the proper formatting. She is a godsend! Her work is detailed and efficient, she finishes projects early, and is committed to doing the best job possible. Christine has freed me up to pay attention to my clients' stories, and they love the fact that they are getting two sets of eyes on their work for the same price. I am so happy I made the decision to hire Christine. She has helped grow my business and has even participated in seminars working with potential client's alongside me as a co-teacher sharing her expertise in social media networking and web based searches for agents and editors." 

--Jaimie M. Engle, author Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light & owner A Writer For Life,