Education Consultation Services

Christine Edwards provides consultation services to authors seeking to incorporate Common Core Standards and state standards into their manuscripts.

Christine served as a reading teacher at a separate day school for students with emotional, behavioral, and learning exceptionalities. In this position, she provided differentiated instruction to struggling middle and high school readers in addition to challenging on-level and advanced students.

Christine's goal is to help students who are striving to make significant reading gains despite exceptionalities. She created the majority of her lesson plan materials and class texts to ensure that they were differentiated, interactive, engaging, incorporated technology and the Florida Standards, and focused on skills rather than pacing guides or assessments. 

She also served as a Reading Resource Teacher at a charter school. In her position, Christine was a teacher mentor and provided fellow educators with professional development opportunities to aid them in incorporating the latest research based instruction into their standards based instruction. 

Christine also led small group and individualized instruction, which aided students in making reading gains. In addition to this, she oversaw her school's Language Arts department, was a member the MTSS team and served as testing coordinator

Lastly, Christine was on her school's health board, which oversaw health education and tracked student eating choices in accordance with a recently awarded grant. Together, her school's educators aimed to encourage students to make healthy eating choices and motivate them to engage in frequent physical activities.

If you are interested in learning more about how Christine can help you make your children's book a key resource in classrooms that helps children become lifelong readers, contact her at: A Writer For Life.