Catalyst: Decay Chains Named Semi-finalist in Publisher's Weekly's Booklife Prize in Fiction

Great news! On Oct. 31, Catalyst: Decay Chains by Kate Wars was named a semi-finalist in Publisher's Weekly's Booklife Prize in Fiction contest. The contest started narrowing down contestants in September, at which time Kate Wars' debut novel was named a quarter finalist along with 85 other books. That list of great indie reads thinned again on Halloween to five semi-finalists from each of the contest's six categories. 

On Nov. 28, the semi-finalists will be reviewed by guest judges and reduced to one winner from each category. All six will be evaluated, but only one will become the winner of a $5,000 cash prize and a profile in Publisher's Weekly.

The publishing world told zombie story writers that zombie books were part of a dying trend. The fact that Catalyst: Decay Chains is the only zombie book and the only horror novel that became a semi-finalist speaks volumes to me. Zombie story readers are alive and well, and reading. A great story will set itself apart and make the industry take notice. I can't be more excited about this news and I hope it gives other writers hope that trends may come and go, but good writing never falls out of favor.

Here's Catalyst: Decay Chains' review from the Publisher's Weekly Booklife Prize in Fiction, which shows that a gruesome zombie tale can also be a fantastic piece of relevant literature:

This brilliantly-written book is a page turner from the get-go. The story centers on Stormy, whose boyfriend, Matt, is extremely sick. After she insists he go to the hospital, she ends up entangled in a terrorist plot that releases a virus throughout the building and kills most of the people inside. The virus also has a strange effect on the dead; it reanimates them as zombie-like creatures called “supers” that aggressively pursue the few surviving humans. The author does a superb writing job throughout, but the action scenes in particular are very gripping. The story unfolds at a quick pace, and the reader is sucked in from beginning to end, feeling Stormy’s fear and the adrenaline that keeps her going. Character development, even of minor players, is strong. Overall, a top-notch book by a gifted writer.

Want to learn more? Visit this link to find out more about Kate Wars or to read a preview of Catalyst: Decay Chains. Feel like reading a zombie novel over the Veterans Day weekend? Visit Amazon to purchase a copy of Catalyst: Decay Chains. Pair it with a great cup of coffee, a tall beer or a robust wine for maximum enjoyment.

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