Publisher's Weekly Reviews Catalyst: Decay Chains

Great news for zombie fans, Publisher's Weekly is reviewing Catalyst: Decay Chains. Once completed, the review will be published in Publisher's Weekly, posted on PW's site and online booksellers, such as Amazon

I couldn't be more thrilled that Publisher's Weekly selected Catalyst: Decay Chains for review and can hardly wait to see what their readers think of the novel. As soon as the review is published, I'll share it on this blog so that you can see if it measures up to your assessment of my debut novel, which I published under the pen name, Kate Wars

Catalyst: Decay Chains was selected for a free review out of the 1,000+ novels submitted to PW every month. You can also submit your novel for a free review, or enter PW's book contest, which could land you a review and $5k!

Although I'd love to spend more time promoting my debut novel or working on its sequel, the truth is, I've been spending a lot of time writing articles and columns for my local newspaper. I absolutely love this work and am so excited to be doing it for a living! The only downside is that it makes it challenging to blog, write fiction or market. I'm still writing though and that is all that matters.

Are you still writing? I hope so because fall is almost upon us and there is no better time to work on the "Great American Novel."

Until next time-happy writing.