Marketing Strategies Just For Writers

You wrote your book. You edited it at least a dozen times, but it felt like you edited it a thousand times. By the end of your endeavor to write the "Great American Novel," you could recite most of it like a monologue from one of Shakespeare's plays ... or maybe Katy Perry lyrics. 

So now what? Is your manuscript sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust? Is it self-published and getting next to no fanfare on Amazon? Did you land a deal with a small publisher only to find out that they knew as much about marketing as you do about the mating rituals of penguins?

No worries. We've got you covered. 

On January 16th from 9:30 – noon award-winning author, Jaimie M. Engle, and I will be presenting "The Marketing Series" at the Lazy Bean Coffee and Deli in Cocoa Village. Join us for coffee and leave armed with marketing strategies that have been crafted purely to sell books.

Books are a unique product to market. It's not like typical products and shouldn't be marketed using generic tactics. "The Marketing Series" will show you how to create a marketing strategy that, if properly implemented, will help you share your story with the world.

"The Marketing Series" is a comprehensive program of workshops and presentations to assist authors who find marketing to be a struggle. Over coffee on a lovely Saturday morning, we will cover:

  • Reaching your target audience
  • Creating marketing material
  • Building your brand
  • Social media marketing
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Developing action plans

Ready to sign up? Awesome. You can register for "The Marketing Series" by clicking this link or by visiting the A Writer For Life website. Admission is $45 at the door or $35 if you register in advance. 

Still not convinced that this is worth the trouble of getting out of your sweats on a Saturday morning? Take a peek at our swag bag. It might change your mind. I mean, what writer can resist a free bag full of brand stinking new books and office supplies?

If you don't show, I'm keeping your swag bag. Just saying.

In all seriousness, Jaimie and I couldn't be more grateful for our awesome sponsors and would like to give them a shout-out because they could've told us to kick rocks, but instead they embraced their local writing community and gave us free things that we love. 

Kudos to the following sponsors who support Central Florida writers:
  • Eastern Florida State College 
  • Black Rose Writing 
  • Family Tae Kwon-Do 
  • The Book Rack
Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them and will respond promptly to any questions you send to this email address. If your question is about street creds, check out the bios we provided below.

About Jaimie M. Engle

Jaimie M. Engle is an award-winning author and the owner of A Writer For Life, an editing and coaching service for aspiring writers. She has written professionally since 2003 with publications in Space Coast Living magazine and Florida Today along with Writer’s Digest and the Dr. Laura Program. She independently published her anti-bullying children’s book Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light in 2013, which won a BRAG Medallion in 2015. She published The Dredge in 2014, which earned an L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future honorable mention.

Engle runs the PR department for an independent publishing house, and shares writing techniques regularly at Eastern Florida State College, national conferences, Florida elementary schools, and area libraries. Her passion is to educate authors on marketing and publicity. When she's not writing, she's drinking coffee, playing trivia, or hanging out with her family.

About Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards is the marketing and communications director for a local consulting group. She's also a freelance writer for Florida Today, Hometown News and Space Coast Living magazine. In addition to this, her nonfiction work has been published by The Writer’s Cafe, Funds for WritersEpicure & Culture and Senior Life of Florida, to name a few. 

Her fiction pieces have been published by Spark: A Creative Anthology, Haunted Waters Press, The First Line and a number of other publications. Her first manuscript features a new take on an old monster and is currently under consideration by two small presses. 

An educator by trade, Christine crossed over to editing and began teaching writers how to hone their craft and and create social media platforms in 2014. Since then, she has shared tips and tricks with numerous writers through her revisions, classes and speaking engagements. Christine enjoys drinking excessive amounts of artisan coffee and tea and helping creative types share their work with the world.