You Can be a Professional Blogger (For Real) and Other Updates on My Writing Career

As it turns out, writers can become full-time bloggers, for real. During my first year as a part-time freelancer, I often dreamed of becoming a full-time writer, but never thought my blogging know-how would be my golden ticket.

It was in fact my golden ticket to actively work as a professional writer and I can honestly say I've never been happier. 

A few tips for aspiring professional bloggers:

  • Read feverishly about your craft
  • Stay ahead of social media trends 
  • Research and create quality content
  • Remember that blogging is about creating communities

Blogging for companies is a soft marketing tool. Be sure to approach it as such. Again, develop quality content that is valuable to readers, not SEO riddled content that reads like an advertisement. That isn't how one creates an online community that likes, shares and engages with you on your blog.

Blogging is my current focus, but there are a few other things going on lately that are definitely worth mentioning:

A chapter closed
In other news, I have left education. It was a wonderfully rewarding career, but there is no denying that writing is my true passion.

Journalistic endeavors
I'm still writing freelance articles for Florida Today, Space Coast Living and other publications. There's nothing quite as thrilling to me as publishing an article in a magazine or newspaper. I hope that feeling never fades.

On the fiction front
In addition to this, my novel is being considered by three small presses. It is being formally reviewed by an editorial team at one of the presses and I just couldn't be more excited about this development. I try not to lie awake imagining that they will pick up my novel. I try not to and I do not succeed. 

Find me on the web
Lastly, there are several places in addition to this blog where you can visit me on the web. I'm still publishing journalistic style pieces on Medium. If you would like to read my most recent professional blog posts, magazine and newspaper articles, you can visit my Clippings portfolio. I'm also building my network on my Facebook author page and encourage you to visit me there so that we can continue the conversation. 

I'm curious, how things are going in your world? What you are working on right now? Feel free to share with me in the comments below.