Writing Hazards

I write this while in excruciating pain. I know, I'm so dedicated. 

On a serious note, my hope is that readers will take the following suggestions to heart so that they don't have to experience what I'm currently going through.

Writing may seem like a sedentary behavior, but even sitting on your chops can have ill effects on your health. This is especially true if you write for hours on end.

I thought I was doing the right thing by sitting in different areas throughout the day and getting up and moving around every half hour or so. Apparently, I thought wrong. The huge knots on both sides of my back are pretty good indicators that I need to be more health conscious while I'm working.

My doctor made some simple suggestions to help me avoid crippling neck and back pain in the future:

  • Keep the top of your computer screen at eye level
  • Use ergonomic furniture
  • Buy a computer chair with a high back and armrests
  • Make sure office furniture sits at the appropriate level

The appropriate level for a chair allows you to comfortably rest your arms on the armrests and your feet on the floor. It's important that your desk is the right height to ensure that your computer is at eye level, so that you aren't straining your neck to view the screen.

I'll be swiftly incorporating this advice myself. Rest assured that I don't ever want to feel like this again. My heart goes out to those in chronic pain. They are truly the strongest people in the world.

Please share any other suggestions you have to help writers avoid neck and back pain while working.

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