A Writer For Life's, 'How to Get a Literary Agent' Presentation Rocked

A Writer For Life's, "How to Get a Literary Agent" presentation at the Orlando Public Library went really, really well. I love seeing the A Writer For Life community grow and reach more and more writers. 

The information writers seek is out there and with every presentation, workshop, and conference held, it becomes more accessible to aspiring authors. Armed with the most up to date publishing info, writers inch closer and closer to their publishing dreams. Eventually, those dreams morph into achievable goals and ultimately, actualized events. What's not to love about being a teeny-tiny part in helping a writer reach such awesome milestones?

If you would like to learn more about this week's presentation, click here to read an article and see some photos. Follow this blog or A Writer For Life to learn more about our coaching services and future events. 

Writing is more than a hobby and it's more fulfilling than any "job" out there. Community events band writers together and engineer opportunities for us to share our tips on how to keep it that way.