Christine Edwards Shares New Articles on Medium

I've recently started posting new journalistic articles on Medium. My goal for this venture is to provide readers with just enough information to be dangerous in casual conversations. 

Perhaps you always wanted to know about something, but felt it was too trivial to research. These are the types of stories I'll be posting regularly. You know, the things you wonder about as your driving to work, but forget about as soon as you enter your office. When you get in your car to go home, the nagging curiosity resurfaces. Trust me, I get it. 

In fact, I intend to find the answers to such questions and share them with readers in compelling three to five minute reads on Medium. My first post shares a glimpse into the lives of veterans and their families. My second story explores similarities and differences between media portrayals of Ebola and other deadly viruses.  

Perhaps one day, the topics you read about on Medium will surface in casual conversation and make you the envy of your less informed peers. Or maybe they will merely made your commute to work more enjoyable. Both situations sound like wins to me.

Be sure to check out my stories on Medium and let me know what you think about them. Thanks in advance.

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