The Motivational Playlist for Writers

Motivation can be hard to find on writing days. It's the little things that often jumpstart or derail me. 

Rain either propels me into higher levels of creativity or plummets me into an unwelcome slumber.

The sultry dark roasts and hipster vibe of Starbucks can be the best writing ambience imaginable. They can also be the worst distractions on Earth. Starbucks is the only place that doesn't sell or loan books where I can lose solid hours of writing time in what seems like five, six minutes tops.

I can't win for losing on those days. The muses obviously want me to goof off instead of buckling down, and I'm not arguing with them.

Good music can be counted on to get me writing most of the time, but it's not a complete failsafe. Usually, I hit play and then smooth words become lyrical phrases on what was once a barren, backlit white space. 

However, I'm just as likely to start dancing around my office while belting out my favorite choruses. It just happens sometimes.

My motivational playlist is reliable because it energizes me to do more than stare at my computer screen thinking about what I'm not doing. 

Anxiety and tension build when I can't get going, but good music helps me find my creative vibe and return to center. 

My hope is that this motivational playlist will aid you in finding your rhythm when you are sitting stalled out in front of your keyboard.

The Motivational Playlist for Writers:

1. METRIC, "Help I'm Alive"

2. LIGHTS, "Up We Go"


4. ECHOSMITH, "Cool Kids"

5. THE SCRIPT, "Superheroes"

6. INGRID MICHAELSON, "Girls Chase Boys"

7. PACIFIC AIR, "Float"

8. MARY LAMBERT, "Secrets"

9. BAD SONS, "Cardiac Arrest"

10. FENCES, "Arrows" (featuring Macklemore)

11. TRAIN, "Wonder What You're Doing for the Rest of Your Life"

12. THE 1975, "Girls"


14. AMERICAN AUTHORS, "Best Day of My Life"

15. LILY ALLEN, "The Fear"

16. BASTILLE, "Pompeii"

17. CAPITAL CITIES, "Safe and Sound"

18. BECK, "Blue Moon"


20. IMAGINE DRAGONS, "On Top of the World"

21. FOSTER THE PEOPLE, "Coming of Age"


23. ADAM, "Go to Go"

24. THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, "Sweater Weather"

25. IMAGINE DRAGONS, "It's Time"

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