Zombie Author Works on Indie Film Short

I absolutely love Haunted Waters Press. Their print work is some of the most beautiful art I've ever seen. With that said, I couldn't be more excited to see the press feature one of their authors, who happens to write in my genre.

Going by the pen name, Fletcher Young, the author of, Of Loss and Zombies sat for an author interview to promote his upcoming indie film short of the same title. This is his first venture into filmmaking, but he has acting experience behind him. 

 "Cover image courtesy of Haunted Waters Press, 2012. A derivative work of Night of the Living Dead public domain image, 1968."

I'm stoked to post this link and hope you all are as excited about his artistic ventures as I am. Seeing someone publish in the zombie genre gives me hope that my work will be well received once I'm where Fletcher is. And that would be freaking awesome.

Happy reading,