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For many, school just started back up. If you are one of those college students that is trying to make it through on the cheap, check out my blog post that explains seven ways to score reduced cost college textbooks on is the online resource for all things college and university related. Students and professors from online and on-campus programs can find information to help them be successful in every facet of the college life on this incredible website. It's totally worth checking out.

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Agent and Editor Twitter Party

On September 24th, the Agent and Editor Wish List will be hosting another Twitter party. The hashtag is #MSWL, like always. All the info is on the Agent and Editor Wish List Tumblr page.

It's about to get real for the literary types--oh yeah!

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Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light Released Today!

Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light went on sale today. Readers can get a sneak peek at this fun middle grade historical fantasy by visiting author Jaimie Engle's website where the first six chapters are posted right now. Advance reader reviews of Clifton are also posted on her website and on Amazon.

Having read Clifton, I know its an awesome, fun read. You can read my review of Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light here: 

Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light

Readers can purchase the entire novel in print or digital form on Jaimie's website or on

Author Jaimie Engle has an extensive list of published works, and is currently working on a young adult fantasy novel that is sure to make readers swoon once it's completed.

Happy reading!