Empower 500 Kicks Off July 8, 2013

Central Florida educators are in for a treat, because on July 8th, the Empower 500 Symposium kicks off. This symposium focuses on helping secondary Language Arts teachers, but all educators can benefit from attending.

The English Teacher's Friend is the organization responsible for the annual Empower 500 Symposium. The goal of this organization is to empower secondary English teachers, inside and outside of classrooms. 

This means, providing resources and tools that will help teachers infuse their lessons with technology, Common Core Standards, and engaging material. 

This also means helping teachers discover time management and organizational resources so that they can reduce the time they spend working outside their classrooms. 

This year, six online assistants joined The English Teacher's Friend staff to assist teachers with researching and putting together lesson plans. 

Lastly, this means aiding teachers in pursuing goals and dreams outside of the classroom. There will be field trips to museums and crash courses on Shakespearian theater. There will also be group walks and runs every morning of the Symposium, and beginner friendly Zumba and yoga classes. 

This symposium will also offer sessions to aid aspiring writers with becoming published authors. I am honored to be one of several guest speakers at Empower 500 that will be helping local writers learn how to break into the publishing industry. 

Teachers who would like to learn more about publishing their writing are encouraged to attend as many of the sessions on the topic as possible. There are so many great authors speaking at this symposium, that I cannot list them all, but the following are a few of the sessions offered by Space Coast Writer's Guild authors, (myself included.)
  • How to Become a Published Author (presented by Christine Edwards)
  • Technology for Writers (presented by Christine Edwards)
  • From Querying to Signing and Beyond (presented by Jaimie Engle)
  • Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop: A Writing Platform for Kinesthetic Learners (presented by Kit Adams)
A comprehensive list of speakers can be found in the Empower 500 Symposium program.

The English Teacher's Friend is one organization that is clearly all about improving the lives of teachers. They have created a symposium that is chock full of great information and quality resources to improve the lives of our hard working educators. Their top priority has been to keep the cost of attendance low. Because of this, teacher's register for the entire symposium for only $50.

Visit, The English Teacher's Friend, to get a better idea of what this organization is all about and to sign up for this phenomenal symposium.

Thank you teachers for all the great work you do for our kids!