Contributor Credit Conundrum

Fellow writers, I'm looking for some different takes on a situation I recently experienced with a publisher. 

A piece of mine was accepted into an online anthology. Of course, I was incredibly excited about the writing credit even though this was a nonpaying market.

The anthology was posted on Amazon for purchase so I immediately started creating my Amazon Author Central page. I was so let down when I realized that I had not been given contributor credit on the anthology; therefore, I couldn't create an Amazon Author page.

The buzz one can generate through an Amazon Author page is huge, because it links all your works in one centralized location. I knew the page was critical to my future success so I requested that the publisher add me to the contributing authors.

The publisher declined stating that it was too tedious to add all fifty of the contributing authors. I call fooey on that because a friend of mine is in an anthology with a hundred contributing authors and all of them have been given proper writing credit.

So fellow authors, am I wrong or right to be piffed? Should authors expect writing credit on all works, no matter what?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Please share them below.

Happy writing!