Zombie Enthusiast Playlist

Some authors need dead silence to write, others need mood music.

I definitely need mood music. Coffee and mood music, IMHO, entice my writing muse to stick around longer. 

I have a half dozen writing playlists. When I work on tragic scenes, I listen to a playlist that pulls on my heartstrings. If I'm writing something glittery and happy, I switch over to a playlist that makes the sky seem bluer and everything else cotton candy wonderful.

But, when writing about zombies, I need something different. The playlist that mirrors the pace, theme, and milieu of my novel-in-progress is almost entirely dubstep. 

I know it doesn't seem to make sense, however; this genre of music has worked miracles with the pacing of my book, I swear.

So if you're in need of a playlist for your novel, or are looking for something new to listen to, check out these songs.

Zombie Enthusiast Playlist

Feel So Close--Calvin Harris
Promises--Skrillex & Nero remix
Radioactive--Imagine Dragons
First of the Year--Skrillex
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites--Skrillex
Kyoto--Skrillex featuring Sirah
Kill Everybody--Skrillex
Weekends--Skrillex featuring Sirah
Breakn' a Sweat--Skrillex & The Doors
Summit--Skrillex featuring Ellie Gouldling
Reptile's Theme--Skrillex
Cinema--Skrillex featuring Gary Go
The Devil's Den--Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner
In for the Kill--La Roux
Lights--Ellie Goulding
Promises--Skrillex & Nero
Don't you Worry Child--Swedish House Mafia

As you can probably tell--I'm a huge fan of Skrillex. I plan to thank him in my acknowledgements when my book publishes.

If you find that the music alone isn't really helping you capture the mood, try watching some music videos. The Official version of the music video for "Radioactive" is alright, but the video shot by, "Run for your Lives" gets me in the zombie writing zone every time I watch it. 

"Run for your Lives" Official video for their obstacle race:

Official music video for "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons:

Happy writing,