Fail Like a Boss: A Unique Take on Failure

Take a moment and check out this very short blog post by Jon Acuff about failure.

Fail Like a Boss

One of my biggest struggles daily is learning how to accept anything less than my vision of perfection. Acuff's little nugget of goodness really helped me to envision what acceptance of failure looks like in real time. 

And what does it look like? A great Instagram pic when it first happens, an afterthought ten minutes later, and absolutely nothing besides a lesson learned in the days that follow.

Failure doesn't have to creep behind you biting at your ankles. Failure can be more positive than that, if you choose to laugh about it, shake it off, and move forward. 

So go forth and fail like a boss.

No More Voices


Jon Acuff has launched a website devoted to killing fear. The method is unconventional, but if it works, who cares? I can attest to the fact that everything else I've tried to make the "I can't" voice go away didn't work.

You have voices in your head. We all do. Voices that tell you that you will never be able to do that. Voices that say you aren't good enough. Voices that dredge up your past and won't let you forget it. Voices that revel in keeping you up at night. It's time to kill the voices.

How do you kill voices? With logic. Writing down your fears and doubts might seem counterintuitive, like you might actually speak them into existence, but Jon says that's not how it works. He says seeing your fears on a screen or a piece of paper makes them look ridiculous, because it amplifies how illogical they really are. Fears and doubts tend to be absolute statements, and such statements often hold no water.

The best thing about this website is that it's alive and fed by a community. Even if you contribute nothing, just by scrolling down you will see that many other people have the same fears and doubts as you. It's comforting to see that you aren't the only one who is afraid of something or that struggles with self doubt. We are all in this crazy life together and often share the same concerns.

Check out No More Voices for yourself, then come back and tell me if it helped you the way it did me.