Ten Signs That You Might be Watching Too Much of, 'The Walking Dead'

Where is the line between healthy love and obsession, when it comes to AMC’s post-apocalyptic hit series, The Walking Dead? Read the following list of behaviors to be leery of to find out if you have cause for concern or if you can continue to enjoy your weekly dose of zombie gruesomeness.

Behaviors to watch out for:

1. Hospitals haven’t been the same since Season One.

2. You catch yourself evaluating your neighbors and friends’ statistical chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

3. You subconsciously start avoiding the ones that you don’t think will make it.

4. You are seriously considering applying for a concealed weapons permit for the first time in your life.

5. Your spouse, who has only seen bits and pieces of the show, agrees with you about the whole permit thing.

6. You’ve recently developed debilitating fears of open wounds and viral infections that you cannot logically explain to a medical professional. 

7. You can no longer take the trash out at night without doing a perimeter check.

8. There’s been no natural disasters in your community in years, but your pantry houses more canned food and water jugs than an underground nuclear bunker.

9. Your kids know more than one version of a “fire” drill.

10. Seal Team Six couldn’t pull you away from your television on Sunday evening.

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  1. You are too funny! I don't watch the show myself, but my husband does, and I think he'd say yes to at least 8 of these!