Publishing News: The First Line Anthology

This spring has been incredibly busy, in part because my short story, "Nobody's Life" has been accepted for publication by The First Line. Totally honored to become one of their authors.

The First Line is an awesome publication because their premises create dozens of stories that writers may not have known they had in them. The First Line releases an unalterable first line for a short story quarterly and welcomes unsolicited submissions that contain said line.

The anthologies they release include story submissions they loved that contained the required first line.

"Nobody's Life" is featured in their latest anthology about Captain Eli P. Cooke, who makes an awful mistake that gets the latest round of stories started in mishap and bad fortune.

You can check out the latest The First Line anthology by clicking here or on the typewriter.

If you are interested in submitting a story to The First Line click here. Their story starters are on the home page of their website.

Happy Writing!