Couldn't Be Happier

The writer in me could not be happier at the moment. 

Today, I received word that, The Barfly From Apartment Twenty-One has been accepted for publication by Spark: A Creative Anthology. I am ecstatic about my story appearing in such a cool, up and coming publication.

With two publishing credits to my name, a paid for conference looming, and a book in the editing stages, this writer is busier than ever. But this busy is different than last year's busy. This busy is accompanied by something I lacked in 2012: purpose. My work is proving to be read worthy. In this competitive market, not knowing if the writing itself, is good enough, is the biggest internal challenge writers must overcome. 

There is jack squat writers can do about an editor's taste, a trend they just missed, or a typo in an already sent query letter. If the magazine goes under while pieces are under consideration, would-be writers have to charge that to the game too. But overcoming insecurities, staying up late and revising, when it's still unknown if anyone else will bother reading enough of a piece to decide they like it, that's something writers have to learn to do, and learn to do well. Even in the midst of an onslaught of rejection letters, writers have to keep going till purpose finds them.

Writers, keep it up. Don't let your own thoughts defeat you. The time you spend second guessing is your writing time. The  energy you expend questioning your work is your creative mojo going down the commode. The credits will come if you overcome yourselves. And keep writing.