Arrogance and Pie Charts


Perhaps an update is in order. In November, I completed the first draft of my thriller manuscript. After a brief cooling off period, in which I read tons of books to keep myself occupied, I began editing my thriller. It has tons of potential, but is a long way from finished. Editing is a bitch, and a slow one at that.

The trick to editing is to take breaks. Lots of breaks. During one of mine, I stumbled upon this gem. Take a break and read this article that details why writers have to be a bit arrogant. If nothing else, it will give you an excuse to throw your nose up in the air and parade around the grocery store. I'm always looking for a reason to do that while purchasing store brand green beans.   : )

Click here to read: The Importance of Being Slightly Arrogant

Thanks Writer's Digest for the awesome article.