Publishing By Law # 44: Thou Shalt Back up Thine Work

Seasons greetings,

This morning I read an public safety message in the form of a blog. Writers who lose their life's work are not safe to be around, so as writers, we have a duty to the public to back up our pieces.

Read this suspense-filled blog post by Annie Kaufman and then go back up your work!

I found it funny that I read this post today. Last week, as I was walking out the door to work my fire alarm went off. After combing my house in search of hot spots and finding nothing, I set off to work again. My theory is the batteries in my alarm died. My house is still standing, so I must have been right. However, it occurred to me, then and there, that my two USB  back-ups, my time machine, and my computer were all in the same location. That is not good. I took my laptop to work that day even though I didn't need it.

My solution came to me on the way to work. I'm going to make another USB copy of all my work and give it to a trusted friend from my critique group. I'm going to suggest that she do the same with me so that we have one satellite location to recover work from. Hopefully, these stories have inspired you to think up a viable back-up plan.

Thank you Pub Crawl for the wake-up call.

Happy writing!