How it Doesn't Work

It is okay to have dreams of an easy publish. Like Stephenie Meyer's nine month process from, "I had a really weird dream during my nap" to, "oh wow, okay. I'll take six figures for a three book deal."

Yeah, we all wish it was that seamless. And I'll be the first to admit to fantasizing about becoming a best seller and fretting over whose going to option the movie rights for my first book.

Alas, these are fantasies. This is the kind of what if that is useful. It makes my heart race, ears tingle, and my stomach do flips. And that is what keeps me pounding away at my keyboard when editing is pulling me into a deep coma.

Writers with a clue spend little time daydreaming about success. They are busy making that success happen. Most of us that aspire will not see the kind of success we dream of, but we don't stop because of that little factoid.

We are not after success. We just want to share stories that we believe others will enjoy. Writers seeking fame and fortune have been mislead. What they are doing is kind of like getting into teaching or social work for the money. Bad idea.

So aspiring writers, get a kick out of this video about a horribly mislead would-be writer. He's clearly not in it for the story telling. Let's laugh at him together, shall we?

Thanks to Writer's Digest for posting this hysterical video.