Crazy, crazy, and more crazy

Things have been absolutely crazy lately. Hectic is the new norm around my place. However, that doesn't keep the heartsick writer too far from her Macbook. I've just made crazy even crazier by staying up late or getting up early trying to put some black on white.

I had another off the wall dream that I've been working into a short story. The dream was interesting to say the least, Ben Affleck in a double dose (he had a twin) and J. Timberlake, but none of that really made it into the story. I'm a hairpin from having this story down and starting edits, but just can't seem to squeeze in the time. It's a great story though, think The Notebook, but younger and colder.

If all goes well, this weekend I can get back to work on my zombie novel. I'm incredibly close to finishing the first draft, if life doesn't get in the way. With the three day weekend I truly believe I can get to those tiny, special words for the first time ever on a novel length ms, THE END. Oh yeah, with those words you get shouty capitals in italics.

More to follow--


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