Author Interview: Melissa Turner Lee

I am pleased to announce the first author interview for this blog is devoted to Melissa Turner Lee, author of the following fiction works: The Difference Between Night and Day, The Earth Painter, and The Man Painter.

1. What do you think it is about the nachos and soda scene in, The Difference Between Night and Day that everyone loves so much?

Do they love it? I didn't know. I don't get lots of feedback on that one. The first person I sent it to said that scene was too quirky. but I like quirky characters. I mean how often do we think someone is just strange until we get to know them?

2. The Earth Painter has been called original, unusual, and has received rave reviews. How does that feel?

I'm always happy to have readers enjoy my work. It thrills me.

3. Are the scientific overtones in, The Earth Painter a hint at your personal interests? not at all. I live with a guy who loves loves loves Biology and so do our kids.

4. As a writer, were you concerned about having Christian and paranormal overtones in your YA novel?

I write what I want to read but can never find. I am a Christian so my beliefs are always wi th me but I don't want to write only for Christians which is what Christian fiction is--fiction for Christians. I write that but I also want to write books everyone can enjoy.

5. The Man Painter is also being received very well. Did you always know that, The Earth Painter would have a sequel?

Yes, my stories usually show up in my head with a beginning and end.

6. If your novels were turned into movies, would you be interested in writing the screen plays?

No no no, I write novels. But I'd love to have input so my characters and such didn't go off in a different direction.

7. Do you prefer to write or edit?


8. What was the most nerve-racking part of the publishing process?

Finding editors I can afford. And I still need another edit. *sigh* I hope to save up for a more extensive edit of them all.

9. If you could only give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

Write. Don't wait for it to be the "right time" for for it to be "easy." Will never happen if you wait for that.

10. Can you tell us about your next project?

I'm writing a Fantasy Steampunk with author, Pauline Creeden. We have a debut and giveaways coming very soon. You can keep up with that on my facebook page Melissa Turner Lee or my blog

Melissa's books are available for purchase at:, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million

This interview wouldn't have been possible without the awesome website and Mrs. Lee. Thank you both so much!

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  1. Wow. What a great interview. You have definitely peaked my interest in checking out some of these authors books. Super job, Christine! Can't wait to read the next interview...