Eleven Days

It has been eleven days since I started submitting two of my short stories to publishers and contests. With every passing day I grow more hopeful that the stories will become published. When you hear back right away, it's usually not a good thing.

I have a few more short stories that are in the final editing stages. I intend to get them out in the next few weeks, after I have completed a novella that I am working on. At this time, the novella first draft is my main focus.

I put down my other novella, the romantic one to get down a pseudo-horror story about zombies. The idea came to me in a bizarre dream and demanded on pain of zombification to be written down. Of course I complied because no one on the current best sellers list is a zombie (that I know of anyway.)

I also finished a book that I intend to post a review about in the near future. How to Write a Breakout Novel, is not meant for first time novelists, but that doesn't mean we can't read it. It's a free country and all. I figure having read it puts me ahead of the game. One less thing for me to read when I'm working on my second book right?

This is a very exciting time and I look forward to future posts about my progress.

Fingers still crossed!


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