Status Update

These last few weeks I have been focusing all of my attention on my romance MS. I've changed the title so many times, right now it is: Dog Tags, Ambien, and Lilies. No telling if that is a keeper.

I am thankful to have many friends that have been willing to take the time to let me interview them for research. My novel has military and medical elements that I want to stay true to, and my friends have been kind enough to let me pick their brains. A big shout out to them and to my professor that taught me how to conduct historical interviews. Turns out those skills transcend.

I think my spin on the military romance is unique and that this ms has a lot of potential, that's why I've been focusing on it and everything else went on the back burner. It also has a lot of humor and heart, hopefully that will all shine through. More to follow.

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