Lying in Wait

Greetings and salutations,

Sent my first completed short story, Survivor, out to four contests today. Crossing my fingers and stalking my e-mail will commence in November when the first of the winner announcements goes out.

Can't describe this feeling. It's gratifying to be done, but now the real test begins. Will anyone outside of my writer's group and close friends be intrigued by my work? Will know for sure in the near future.

I figure that I must have some talent considering how much I enjoy my own writing. If I never publish a word or even an em dash, I will still smile and LOL when I read some of my work. My characters are funny little devils that cheer me up no matter what. Okay, done being a dork for the moment.

So cross your fingers with me. Let's stalk my e-mail together shall we?

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