It's Time!!!

Two short stories ready to go!

For a while I thought I would never finish any of my stories. Every time something made it to final edits, another idea would pop in my head. Whatever I was working on would get set to the side so I could write down the new idea before I lost it.

My writing comes in fast spurts. I write four to fifteen thousand words at a time, depending on what I'm writing. There is no time to waste. My romance ms is on hold because I had another short story idea. That one stalled out this morning, temporarily. Turned out to be a good thing.

Fortunately, I've finally hit a point where I can go back and finish something. Now I can finally say I have some work ready for submission. It feels great.

Cross your fingers, stand by. On average a short story is rejected twelve times before it's published. A slew of rejections letters, and perhaps a handful of publishing notices are headed my way!

More to follow.

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