New Fave Quote

New favorite quote:

Revision is like wrestling with a demon, where there is no escape, for almost anyone can write; only writers know how to rewrite--William C. Knott

Update to the Update

Couldn't sleep last night so I worked on a novella of mine. In between I entered some contests and submitted one of my short stories to some publishers. This is a very exciting time for me. I cannot wait for that first acceptance. I know it could take literally forever, but I can't help imagining how awesome it will feel!

Fingers still crossed.


Lying in Wait

Greetings and salutations,

Sent my first completed short story, Survivor, out to four contests today. Crossing my fingers and stalking my e-mail will commence in November when the first of the winner announcements goes out.

Can't describe this feeling. It's gratifying to be done, but now the real test begins. Will anyone outside of my writer's group and close friends be intrigued by my work? Will know for sure in the near future.

I figure that I must have some talent considering how much I enjoy my own writing. If I never publish a word or even an em dash, I will still smile and LOL when I read some of my work. My characters are funny little devils that cheer me up no matter what. Okay, done being a dork for the moment.

So cross your fingers with me. Let's stalk my e-mail together shall we?

It's Time!!!

Two short stories ready to go!

For a while I thought I would never finish any of my stories. Every time something made it to final edits, another idea would pop in my head. Whatever I was working on would get set to the side so I could write down the new idea before I lost it.

My writing comes in fast spurts. I write four to fifteen thousand words at a time, depending on what I'm writing. There is no time to waste. My romance ms is on hold because I had another short story idea. That one stalled out this morning, temporarily. Turned out to be a good thing.

Fortunately, I've finally hit a point where I can go back and finish something. Now I can finally say I have some work ready for submission. It feels great.

Cross your fingers, stand by. On average a short story is rejected twelve times before it's published. A slew of rejections letters, and perhaps a handful of publishing notices are headed my way!

More to follow.

Scary Story Update

My scary short story, Don't Cry may be ready for submissions. It is on its way to my writer's group this week. If I get a moment that I don't want to devote to Dog Tags, Ambien, and Lilies I plan to work up a query letter sometime next week. Crossing my fingers.

Status Update

These last few weeks I have been focusing all of my attention on my romance MS. I've changed the title so many times, right now it is: Dog Tags, Ambien, and Lilies. No telling if that is a keeper.

I am thankful to have many friends that have been willing to take the time to let me interview them for research. My novel has military and medical elements that I want to stay true to, and my friends have been kind enough to let me pick their brains. A big shout out to them and to my professor that taught me how to conduct historical interviews. Turns out those skills transcend.

I think my spin on the military romance is unique and that this ms has a lot of potential, that's why I've been focusing on it and everything else went on the back burner. It also has a lot of humor and heart, hopefully that will all shine through. More to follow.

Name Change

This is the same blog as it was under Writing Faceless. The name has changed but the content remains truly awesome. Please continue to enjoy under the recent adjustment.

Publishing By Law #33

Publishing By Law #33

One must switch to tea, decaf, or wine after ten PM to show some effort at working through writing related insomnia.

Publishing By Law # 104

Publishing By Law # 104

Accept that you will have writer's hair.

Definition: Hair that stands on end protruding in various directions, caused by rubbing scalp repeatedly searching for just the right word.

Publishing By Laws

By law of publishing #92: If you don't drink strong coffee by the gallon you will never make the best seller list.