New short story: The Tattooed God

Here's an update for you. I have been working all day on a new short story. The working title is: The Tattooed God. Its steamy, steamy romance, which seems to be my thing lately. This is good though because every blue blooded American woman wants to partake in a little romance from time to time.

The story I started last week or the week before (they are all running together at this point) is also a romance. The working title today is: Something in the Rain. This one is going to be a full fledged novel. Its in its infancy stages now, but I know how it ends.

I have about 2500 words of another YA novel down as well. This one is going to be awesome. I am entering new territory, but I like where I am headed. This one harkens back to one of other loves, political science. I think this story's underlying theme will keep me on the right path, even though the genre is new to me. So far the working title is: The Collapse, but I know its going to change.

My chick lit short story is simmering on the back burner at present. Its done, I just need to finish editing and send it off to some publishers. My concerns stem from the fact that I don't really know when I am done editing, this particular story is the first one to make it to this stage. One of the things I am strongly considering changing is the title, but I have no idea what I will change it to. I am scared to send it off only to have it rejected because I missed something. You have no idea how badly I want to put that sucker in the mail, but, I think that deep down, I will know when its ready to go.

And lastly, Faceless. This story is still waiting on two scenes and some major edits. I am letting it simmer as well because I think its due another rewrite. The best part about working on these romantic short stories is that my ability to create quality voice and characters that are magnetizing is dramatically improving. My latest characters readers seem to care about. The response has been heartwarming, seriously. Banging out a few of these will allow me to return to Faceless and make Mase and Mela mean more to the readers. So I'm not stalled out, I'm simmering. Besides if I can get a few of these short stories published, those credits will really look good at the bottom of Faceless's query letter.

And the best news, my schedule will be opening up some in the near future. This will allow me to finish all of this in a reasonable amount of time. Oh joy!

Back to writing I go!

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