Much needed update

Okay, so unfortunately, I have been crazy busy and have had little time to write. Life totally got in the way, what with becoming a teacher, college classes, and other obligations. Safe to say my reading and writing were on hold temporarily.

Any moment that I could hang onto though I used to work out, read or write. Last month I finished reading an amazing series of books, whose female protagonist frustrated me to no end. If you have not read The Immortals, by Alyson Noel, you are missing out. The series is infused with pagan and wiccan themes that take the story line to a place werewolves and vampires just can't reach. The teens in the book actually think, act, and speak like teens instead of thirty-five year old women, which as a reader I appreciate. The tone is somewhere in-between Twilight and Laguna Beach, just edgy enough to be interesting, yet tame enough for young adult audiences.

There are rumors of one last book in the saga and perhaps a movie deal. Noel also started a spin off series intended for middle grades, focusing on a minor character from the original saga.

If you have been bumming around since you finished reading Twilight or are sick of faeries and vamps, give this series a try.

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