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As good aspiring writers do, every available moment I have had lately has been poured into the first draft of Faceless. But quite honestly, I am finding that very little time is going to actual writing. Since about May I have been stalled out on the last five scenes, but I am happy to report that as of today I am down to completing the last two scenes of the first draft. If I can continue to be inspired and think up good stuff, I anticipate hashing out the whole thing in the next few days. 

What I have found is that most of writing has nothing to do with typing at all. The majority of my time has been devoted to researching for the book itself, and the actual publishing industry. I am most inspired after reading a book about the art of writing or about how publishing actually works. So when I realize it has been a few days (or weeks) since I had a decent idea for a scene, I buy a book  (yes a real book, I don't own a kindle yet) and have at it. Before chapter two I am usually jotting down ideas rapid fire. 

For the next few posts I will list some of the books I have found to be great resources, ones that I refer back to as write. Not only my word count, but also my knowledge is increasing, there is ample improvement since the first words I typed out for Faceless. 

Another new thing I am going to try is a writer's group. Although my friends and family have been great critics, providing not only constructive criticism, but also encouragement, I think it is definitely time to talk to some people who are in the thick of it as well. As much as my Mom loves me and is interested in hearing about my characters she can offer no assistance on a good query letter. 

The resource I will recommend in this post is Writer's Digest.com. The site is highly consumer based, but so far the books that Writer's Digest has endorsed and I have bought in well known book stores have been top notch. 

In addition to this they run writing contests weekly and monthly. My goal is to start writing for these contests when one peaks my interest for two reasons. One is that prompt writing is a great exercise for writers that I will not do unless someone gives me a good reason, and two, if I were to actually win one of these contests I will have something to put in the bio of my query letter. It will not stand against someone having an article published in the NY Times, but it will look better than blank space at the bottom of the page. 

Lastly, they have some really good articles on all aspects of writing and all genres and types of writing. The articles that I have stayed up all night on two occasions reading were from a 150 piece collection on literary agents. The newer articles not only provide the agent's name, but also the types of queries they accept, so one can discern who to even bother reading about. Although it is way too early in the game to be making a folio of people to send unsolicited mail to, I find hope in reading about what will lie in store for me later on. Not to mention there is solid research quality to finding out what is hot and what has been done to death, and there is no one whose thumb is closer to the pulse of publishing right now than of course agents and the publishers they court. So, if you are a writer in need of inspiration, check out the site.

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