This week has been jammed packed with editing. Every night I've bee up till two, three o'clock, trying to get every word just right. Then as soon as my head hit the pillow, I'd be back up again because some great dialogue would come to me. Sometimes my brain has awful timing.

Faceless has survived major edits. I started completely over yesterday after realizing I made a terrible error. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, a book by professional editors Renni Browne and Dave King alerted me to a fatal error I had made all throughout the first draft.

I will describe this excellent book in more detail in a formal review, but basically in one of the last chapters they describe a tactic that "hack" (their word not mine) writers use frequently that gets their manuscripts rejected. They combine sentences like this: Feeling around in the drawer, she pulled out a fork. After reading eight books by a bestselling author that all did this, I picked up the bad habit. So yesterday I spent the day undoing all of my sentences that began with words ending in -ing or the word as.

Bits and pieces of a sequel to Faceless have been floating around in my head. The working title is Juna's Reach, and I am really excited about it. Its going to be an interesting, fast paced ride for Mase. Only this time, he won't be visiting Hell at all. Mase will be happy to hear about that I think.

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