Book reviews #2

The second in this series of book review is on: Your First Novel by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb. This book is essential for aspiring writers of all genres and audiences.

Your First Novel is a no-nonsense guide to writing and publishing one's first novel. The book is divided into two parts, the first is a guide on writing the book written by a published author. She guides readers from the very first brainstorming session to the last revision, highlighting every tedious detail in the process.

The second part is written by a literary agent who is blunt, but very wise. As an aspiring writer one has to be able to hear constructive criticism and the harsh truth. For a crash course in that read the second half of this book.

This book is perhaps my favorite and most helpful resource to date. It is riddled with online resources, recommendations on other helpful books and guides, and concrete statistical information to back what the authors are telling their readers. As a nosey person, being provided insider information on what makes the publishing industry tick was an added bonus, as an aspiring writer it was a rude awakening. It was after closing this tome that I made my note cards, set my goal on a year to complete my manuscript, and began building my much needed platform. These authors prepared me for the uphill battle to come.

This book is my go-to when I get stuck and need a refresher.

Recommended: Yes!

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