Book reviews #1

This is the first of a series of book reviews. Each book deserves its own post in my humble opinion so each shall have one.

The first book I would like to review is Writing Great Books for Young Adults by Regina Brooks. What drew me to this book was the combination of the fact that Brooks is a literary agent and that the book is tailored to writers of YA material.

The book meets my page range (coming in at 172 pages) I prefer books that are under 350 pages because I can read them quickly. Any longer than that and my life happens, the book gets put down and never gets picked back up. Very sad on my part, I know.

The book itself covers a lot of the material that can be found in other books, but has a unique spin and caters to YA writers. I also love the fact that the book has an e-preview option online, which helps the reader to determine whether or not it is the right book before making a purchase.

As an author and an agent, Brooks provide great advice and step by step directions to writing a book. The back end of the book is devoted to finding an agent and other publishing related insider information. This kind of info is gold when one is trying to get a sense of what agents and publishers are looking for or sick of looking at.

The book reads smoothly, mainly due to her light hearted writing approach. I refer back to this book frequently for the 50 words or less answer I am looking for in the heat of a writing moment. Her writing style and economical sensibility with words made this a very enjoyable and informative read.

Recommended: Yes

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