Welcome to Writing Faceless, a blog intended to enhance creativity for both readers and writers. This blog is also meant to document my efforts to write an incredible novel, and as an outlet for other creative ventures.

Faceless will be great, once it is finished. Still in its infant stages, there is little I can share at this point. Much editing is needed at this time. In honor of launching the blog though, I will share the opening lines. As more developments take place I will provide more info about what the novel is actually about.

Note: Although not a huge Coldplay fan, I do admire their work. Their song, Paradise really captures the spirit of Faceless. Listen to it as you read the opening lines to get a real feel for tone of the novel. I am not crazy about the video but the song is stellar. Here's a link: Coldplay: Paradise



This is going to sound crazy, but it’s the truth. I have never seen my own face. I don’t know my name or how old I am. I rarely know what time or even day it is, mainly because of changing time zones so much. I usually do not even know where I am right away. This is how my life has been for as long as I can remember.

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